Colour Thread

Welcome to Color Thread's website! This website is run by me, an 11 year old British girl, who wants to help make the world a better place. This might sound really far fetched, but I never said I would change it. I just want to help. The world that my generation will inhabit is destroying itself, filling itself with injustice and corruption, and it's scary. I won't strive to change just yet but I will help, help the environment, help to stop racial injustice, help to make certain communities safe, and appreciated in this world. I help because I know I'm not the only one trying to. By purchasing a product at a small price, and just hanging it in your car, or outside your window for people to see will start a chain reaction of support to many communities. If you're wondering how it works, I'll tell you. Each handmade pom pom design represents a different thing, LGBTQ +, the environment, Black Justice exc. Every single penny from the profit will go to charities to help these communities, and there will be various charities that we donate to. These pom poms are all hand-made by me and my family, in an attempt to help make the world a better place. Thank you for visiting this website, hope to see you soon!


- Paula xx

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This pom pom represents the LGBTQ + community which is growing at a rapid pace. The three charities that will be donated to are:

1. OutRight Action International (OAI)

2. All Out 

3. Diversity Role Models


Half price for pride month!

This pom pom helps donate to:

1. Black Visions Collective

2. Black Lives Matter

3. Color Of Change