Today I went to check out the creative, fun and child-friendly Punk Me Up Ceramic Café in East Dulwich, having a 4-month-old who is now at the stage of wanting to explore new textures, colours and noise, I am always on the hunt for child-friendly quirky places to visit.

The creative and relaxing art café is located in the vibrant and playful area of East Dulwich, my first impression was fun, it is a very creative and clever idea, the cafe caters to children and parents of all ages, something for everyone to do. It is essentially an art hub with lots of cakes, drinks and adventurous milkshakes on offer complimented with ceramic paintings, hand and feet prints and an area for children to play, you even have the option to throw your child’s party there, allowing them to invite their friends and family to join in creating a memory.

They have a lot of ceramics to choose from, plates, mugs, dinosaurs, planes dogs, whatever you fancy really you can choose to paint, with a variety of paint colours to choose from. If your child is very young, you can opt for the hand and feet print activity, which is very easy and fun to do.

The café is run by husband and wife Toni and Fabio. Toni was a textile designer to some of the most well-known brands in fashion, having two young boys, they definitely know how to make the most challenging activities simple and fun.

As my little girl is 4 months old, it was not an option to paint some ceramics with her, however, I could have opted to do some feet printing on mugs and plates to give out to family members, instead I opted for the hand and feet print to mark her 4 months.

With their party package from 3 years and up you are able to choose from three packages Silver, Gold and Bronze, all giving you the option of catering, entertainment and a keepsake ceramic piece.

The Punk Me Up Café is definitely a place you can keep on visiting as your child gets older, I even saw couples relaxing with a coffee and cake and painting ceramics for themselves. The cafes detailing is mesmerising, with colour and art in every corner, the large windows offer’s a warm and inviting space, the vibrant colours and crafts on display gives you a sense of adventure. Definitely, a place to check out for a creative day out!!

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