Moving into a new property comes with huge ideas and responsibilities when we first got our place I was thinking of all the difference designs I wanted to incorporate within some of the rooms. I have recently started decorating and furnishing the chillout/ living room and searched high and low for a sofa that would be both comfy, a bed for guests but not a sofa bed and astatically pleasing. In the end not being able to find something that I liked within my budget, I opted to create a non-conventional sofa using wooden crates from wicks.

I used Pinterest and Instagram to try and search for particular designs; I had an idea in mind but still wanted to see how the finished product would look. It is always best to try and sketch out your idea, as you can see from the below sketch my initial design was a small L shape, but that just didn’t work as there was not enough room.


I knew it would be a lot of work but ultimately a lot cheaper then a new sofa. Searching for a carpenter was not difficult I posted the job on Rated people and waited for requests to come in, which they did by the dozens, I had to just take a look through their work, get them to come down to quote and take it from there.

We honestly have it so easy with the internet at our fingertips, which makes anything possible; I got searching for foams, if I did not have the internet I honestly would not know where to start. As I wanted it to be a quick turn around I started searching for foam specialists within the UK, this is when I came across Efoam. Efoam had brilliant reviews and a good varied amount of foam’s to choose from, as you put in your dimensions an image of what the cushion will look like before you order it will be shown to you, which is beneficial as you get to double check your measurements if something does not look right. They also make it easier for you giving you an explanation of the different types of foams they have and what they would recommend. As this was my first time ordering foam I found this very useful. Having a wooden base and a wooden back I knew the foam had to be extra thick and comfy especially if our guests were going to sleep on it, after much research, I opted for the Reflex superior firm with poly fibre/dacron wrap with stockinette. For the backrest, I opted for the superior medium with poly fibre/dacron wrap with stockinette.

Another thing to think about is placing a fabric just under the cushions so that the wood does not rub against the fabric and ruin your cushion covers, I found this very strong but cheap at £2.99 per meter cotton fabric, which has done the job nicely.

I now had to look for material and honestly did not know where to start, I found a great fabric wholesaler in Brick Lane called Epra Fabrics Ltd, they have been around for donkey’s years. They have a variety of durable cotton and so many colours, I already knew I was searching for a royal blue, which helped me to narrow down my choices, this is the fabric I ended up choosing, a durable cotton drill in royal blue.

Having a baby also had to be factored in, as they tend to spill milk, puke and dribble all over your sofas, this thick durable cotton fabric is tough and wipeable, it feels almost like a canvas but still very soft and no matter how many times I wash the covers, it will look good as new. I also added cylinder cushions instead of arms to the chairs making it a more comfy bed with restrictions. So this is the finished product, we enjoy hanging out and movie nights now and I have had positive feedback about sleeping on it 🙂

So go and try and it and do not be scared to do things the unconventional way 🙂


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