Meet the designers: Diogo Carvalho and Nuno Corte-Real

In the first semester of 2014, Delightfull is assisting to an incomparable growth either in its manual production or in the brand’s incomes. Following 2013 scenario, when the brand assisted to a 400% income growth, 2014 started with a tremendously success in Maison et Objet exhibition, where the brand achieved a large scale popularity due to its recognition in trendy spaces such as Nelly Rodi trendy area and Covet Exclusive Lounge.

In February, the Nordics fell in love by Unique Lamps, more concretely, Stockholm, where Delightfull modern fixtures were showcased at Northern Light Fair. In March, several exhibitions are taken place: Maison et Objet Asia debut was a success, and now Architectural Digest is the next show, where at stand 321, visitors can be inspired by trendy options such as the sophisticated black & gold plated Atomic suspension, as well as by the gracious black & gold Duke suspension.

But who is behind the success of the international brand?

Head Designer Diogo Carvalho may seems to know quite well. “Our unique brand is made of persistent people that always try to surpass the limits: from the designers, to the craftsman, client relations team, marketing team, press relations and content managers, there’s a valuable team working hard for the brand”, he explains.

Diogo knows well what are the elements that turn Delightfull into a unique lighting brand requested for international projects such as Paramount Hotel, in New York and Delightfull International Corner at Harrods, in London. “In one word, versatility. Heritage Collection is suitable for any ambiance, since classics to urban, minimalistic or even luxurious”, says.
He adds: ”Heritage Collection is based on a combining past Heritage of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and a contemporary design touch, a unique design concept that recovers stilnovo artistic movement as never before”.

Diogo is now focused on Delightfull’s future. “Our brand is improving each day, we started with the manual concept and we don’t want to lose it, although the amount of demand leads to a faster production process, we’ll never fall in the mass production, that’s part of our identity”, he explains.

With international events on daily agenda, time is running out at Delightfull studio, when novelties are already part of the team spirit.

How did this idea of Outdoor Lamps come out?

Our Collection is so unique that customers are all the time asking for new and different customs for each piece and the outdoor request was one of those. Who doesn’t like to look to a house and see also outside that magical touch of design and a vintage twist that gives life into a space

For now you only have Coltrane and Galliano, will you have more lamps with an outdoor version?

Yes, we will. Now we are studying which pieces can better relate to the outdoor life style without loosing its quality and also, keeping its unique style.

After the Outdoor version what can we expect?

Well, it’s a secret but… we will have big news this year and you will be surprised… for sure… A new collection that will debut in September events such as Maison & Object, Decorex, 100% and that will Delightfull you!


diogo carvalho delightfull

Meet the designers: Nuno Corte-Real

1. Your brief introduction.

Hello, my name is Nuno Corte-Real, 27, I’m a Portuguese Product Designer and am currently working for Delightfull.

2. Please make a brief description of your designing style.

My design style… that is something I should probably think about more. I try to impose on the project as little as possible. I let the ends and means lead me through the design process. I try to arrive at decisions instead of making them, I try to minimize where I can and ease the burdens of everyone involved in the larger process that it takes to get a product into the hands of our clients, especially in production.

3. Your growing background, the past experience and your hobby

I had a really good childhood, living in a small town, a lot of hours spend outside playing with friends. My father is an architect and my mother was a teacher. I started out wanting to become an architect like my father, but then I discovered design I got hooked. Before I got into college, I was already reading into design blogs and books, learning the tools of the trade so to speak. After I finished college and got my degree, we were at the peak of the economic crisis, it was hard for me to get a job in design. I kept my skills sharp by participating in various design competitions and doing some freelance work. I got my first real chance at Delightfull. It’s been a year now and I have released many pieces, some of them making a huge success, like the Coltrane table, atomic suspension and the graphic collection.

I don’t have a “real” hobby, although I have had many of them, especially games when I was a kid. Nowadays we could say that bike riding is my hobby, I do it every day when I go to work, and I make it my main mode of transportation around town. Keeps me and my wallet in shape.

4. To become a really good designer, what qualities and talents can be need in your opinion?

It depends on what field you work in. I know designers that lack computer skills and do very well. But, in my opinion, to be really good, you need to know at least a bit of everything for a solid foundation for growth, you need to know how to work with everyone involved in the project and you need to take risks and make mistakes. Also, be positive.

5. What are the features of your design work? What is the source of your design inspiration?

For inspiration, I try to constantly update my visual culture, my knowledge of technology, science and arts. You can lot on every project if you ask questions.

6.Who is your appreciated designer? Why is he or she?

My favorite designer is probably Ross Lovegrove. I admire the purity of his work and his essentialist design philosophy.

7. What do you think about the function of color in your work?

Color theory is very interesting. Color only exists in our heads, you know, every photon that gets in your eyes is just like any other. But we have evolved to see all these colors out of a tiny range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Over time; we have instinctively associated certain colors and patterns to certain emotions and reactions. So when I play with colour, I try to use what I know to understand what I feel and create the emotions and reactions that I seek to produce out of my audience. Or so I try…

Be seduced by the golden wall lamp Parker, a stilnovo sconce full of jazz groove. Its sophisticated golden brass tubes will light up the finest restaurants, lobbies & contemporary settings. Handmade golden tubes were carefully joined together in order to achieve a piece ready to finish the most demanding projects. The different finishes that can be applied in this piece; attributes to interior designers the power to be part of a personal and a different experience.

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