Launching a Podcast – Is it hard?

Podcast now seems to be the channel busy people are turning to as it is effective and convenient. Being a busy working mum, spending time researching for information on the internet is now non existent for me.

Constantly being on the go I turned to listening to podcasts in the subject of  design in order to guide me into the interior design industry, I quickly became frustrated when I could not find podcast’s in the design subject that were able to give me the information or inspiration I needed. This was the point when I decided to try and get the information for myself and share it with you guys, then Colour Thread Podcast was created.

If you have always had an interest in podcasting and do not really know where to start, this is exactly how I felt in the start, lost. When I first thought about starting my own podcast, the same question often went through my mind, what would I talk about and who would want to feature on my podcast, but most importantly how would I get to these amazing influencers to come and speak to little old me.

I started really simply, by thinking about what I would want to know if I was the listener, to me this was going to be a catalogue of information, a point of reference. At this very point I was not thinking about target audiences or who I wanted to reach, I just figured this was information I was really after and wanted to help anyone else that was struggling like me.

Network like crazy was my motto and still is, trying to inform influencers of my mission and how all I wanted was to be where they are. The support and feedback was unbelievable, I have spoken to and met so many amazing people who do not have time but have made time, because like me they want to give back. I made sure I was at every design event and spent hours on Instagram searching for designers who appealed to me and who I felt inspired by, a dose of subscription to design magazines, Elle Decoration and The World of Interiors, were also my address book for designers. I emailed a hell of a lot of people, and tried not to lose hope when out of 50 emails I would get half a reply back and then nothing. I mean I am sure even the ones that did not respond to me wanted to help somewhere in their mind but just did not find the time.

Another aspect of setting up a podcast that I struggled with what recording equipment do I use, what software would be the best, could I record without a microphone. There were a lot more questions that I had to break down and get answers to. However one of the most valuable lessons I have learnt within my first three podcasts episodes is never get a USB microphone, as you can her the processor in the background, which in my experience ruined the whole I have launched moment. I also fund my background noise was very high due to the sensitivity of the microphone and the processor. I would recommend a XLR microphone with an audio interface; some would call it a sound card. You can tell I am still new to this but I am learning pretty quickly and I can assure you my fourth episode will most definitely sound crisp.

Software’s I would recommend for recording, which I am currently using is Audio Hijack ($50 fee), and for editing Audacity or Garageband which I am still learning. To be honest I also use UpWork to find people to edit my podcast because of the amount of disruptions that were caused by my USB microphone.

My final words,” what is easy and what is hard, everything is doable”. I will be back with more podcasting information for you.

Neelam X

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