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Welcome to the reinvention of revivalism with Amy floor and table versions. The iconic fixtures have broken the frontiers between music and design.n“Rehab” isn’t anymore a song in the past: it is an eternal tribute hidden in the golden glow of Amy’s revival. “It is a tribute to the great British singer and song- writer”, defines Diogo Carvalho, the head designer. Amy is an elegant piece, with personality, outlined by detail, surrounded by the black of her hair and of her golden voice. The table version allows the diffuser to turn and regulate the light position. Amy’s vibe.

Allow yourself to be part of this revival: experience

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delightfull_atomic-sputnik-multi-light-sculptural-sphere-pendant-chandelier-01BLACK & GOLD PLEASURE | ATOMIC SUSPENSION

Profit from the Black & Gold Pleasure trends for next year with this elegant golden suspension lighting with un-usual refined bulbs handmade in different dimensions.

This futurist vibe is achieved by noble materials such as the set of glossy black and gold plated round shades, aligned by an asymmetric composition. It’s ideal to be placed in a modern living room to surprise your guests, as well as in a modern lobby.

Undoubtedly, it is a breathtaking design inspired in 50’s legacy, a mandatory trend for next year.










With expressive harmonic beauty, the Clark exudes the “speakeasy” vibe. Constructed of brass tubing using the classic method of bending the brass twice into a rounded oblong shape allows for bright and load casts of light. Its structure is made in brass, covered by a golden bath just like real trumpets are. Let yourself be part of Clark ceiling fixture, dare to change the way you see musically inspired lighting.











Experience the molecular design, a new trendy sensation that few know. Atomic wall lamp is a spot-on interpretation of the atomic age design. A set of round shades, aligned by an asymmetric composition to enhance non-conventional molecular forms. Each shade evokes an amazing effect on the walls. A black glossy bath unveils the molecular forms, peculiarly aligned by golden lines. Conceived for modern settings, the wall black glossy sconce will attribute a contemporary touch to an urban room decor. Conceived for modern settings, it’s ideal to be placed in a modern living room to surprise your guests, as well as in a modern lobby.

Nuno Corte Real who is the designer of the piece, explains the trends. “Molecular design is a new movement that Delightfull embraced. Actually, we started with the suspension version based on molecular design and now just extended Atomic family to wall version, which looks even more thrilling”, concludes.

This set of glossy black and gold plated round shades, aligned by an asymmetric composition, enhance nonconventional molecular forms. As each shade evokes a petrifying effect, it’s ideal to be placed in a modern living room to surprise your guests, as well as in a modern lobby.






A breathtaking lighting trend design inspired in 50’s legacy.Like an orchestra, Botti embodies all the details of wind instruments and takes us into a music concert. Its structure is handmade in brass and gently covered by a golden mantle, a monumental piece which shows the exquisite capacity of Delightfull’s skilled artisans. Botti suspension fixture will surely mark a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in any setting.





delightfull_botti_floor_black_gold BOTTI FLOOR

Botti Floor is the newest version of Botti family: it embodies all the details of wind instruments, transporting us to a real music concert.Its structure is handmade in brass and gently covered by a gold mantle. This outstanding piece has eight spotlights which offer a soft lighting, attributing simultaneously a cozy and sophisticated ambience to any setting.












If you ever find yourself listening to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra while drinking a cocktail, this piece will be there. Sinatra’s light fixture is simply Delightfull’s best design creation. A sculptural and versatile creation which is suitable for the most demanding setting. Its structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminium with the possibility of having 1 to 5 moveable arms.













Ideal for a classic living room with a modern touch, Matheny stilnovo suspension camp came to reinvest classic designs with a high aesthetic feeling. Its shape or dimension can assume a round, oval, square or rectangular format to suit just perfectly your dining table or living room. Composed by geometric golden tubes, it reflects the sophistication of a timeless iconic piece.












Charles Suspension came to show that are no design boundaries for lighting design. It’s handmade copper plated body will turn any living room, dining room or lobby in the most royal setting you ever imagined. Its 20 glossy black lampshades will focus either the ceiling or the floor, providing an irresistible soft lighting.










delightfull_Stardust-Modern-Rotative-Brass-Standing-Lamp-01REVOLVING LAMP: BOHEME CHIC STARDUST

Delightfull Unique Lamps is launching a new concept of floor revolving lamps: Stardust is a stilnovo corner lamp full of jazz groove that will turn any lobby into the finest one.
Its sophisticated seven brass tubes can be finished with nickel, golden, polished brass, or even copper plated, for a bohème chic setting. The blues midcentury piece is handmade through a demanding process, where we can assist to a gradual growth of tubes, since the most little until the tallest with 1,69 cm, creating an emblematic ambiance.

Why is Stardust Lamp so Special?

Stardust Floor is a Mid-Century Modern revolving lamp inspired in stellar orbits that came to add charm to a corner of a setting, recreating an ambiance of intimacy. The harmony exhaled by the masterpiece reminds us the constellations at night. Constructed out of brass tubing into a rounded oblong shape, it shines brightly due to the light cast by the bulbs arranged in the same way as a candelabra. Ideal for big classic dining room as well as in a modern living room, it will bring an astral beauty to your space.

Styles & Decor ideas

Does your dining room needs a touch of charm? Go for the bohéme chic Stardust floor lamp, the décor piece that will turn your ambiance into a warm, cozy and, at the same time, romantic and eclectic space.
Combine it with a modern glass dinner table, as well as with velvet dining chairs and you’ll be transported to a universe full of glamour. Personalize the experience by testing the floor piece next to the fireplace or in a strategic corner. It is also ideal to the finest restaurants, lobbies & contemporary settings. The different finishes that can be applied in this piece attributes to interior designers the power to be part of a personal and a different experience.

Last detail to have in mind…
Its light will be similar to a candelabra, so, you’ll be able to feel the effect of a refined indirect lighting. Either in the Summer or in the Winter, it will be one of the main details to add, since corner lamps are several times the key element of a contemporary setting.

Bright up your corner with Bohéme Chic Stardust Floor.


delightfull_neil_01NEIL SUSPENSION

Neil is Deligthfull’s newest suspension lamp, with round arcs and spherical diffusers it is reminiscent of the golden years of space exploration in the 60’s. It has 8 arms with adjustable lights creating a versatile piece. It also offers the possibility of illuminating only 4 of the 8 diffusers.


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